5 tips to increase footfall of your website

Not to disappoint anyone but, just being present over the internet by buying a domain and publishing a website is just as good as having a presentable reception inside your workplace, or maybe less. In todays connected marketplace, almost all those who thought otherwise have either changed their minds or are still restricting their growth. The potential of internet is immensely immense due to one single big factor, its reach.
Most innovative companies are working towards increasing footfall of their official websites apart from increasing presence over social media. While social media is indispensable when it comes to engaging with target audience, the ultimate aim is to attract traffic towards the official website, where eventually the real transactions begin to happen.
  • Websites are usually strictly business : Contrary to social media, the official websites are all about company’s core business and expertize. Case studies, whitepapers and other original content should all speak about your expertize that you know your domain. The content should come across as company’s mission of fulfilling customer needs and not just generating revenue. It’s recommended, if not mandatory, to hire a consultant for content writing and proof reading than presenting a petty image of your brand.
  • Attracting audience using PPC advertising : Pay-per Click advertising is the fastest way to buy web traffic. Tools like MIVA, Yahoo search marketing, Google Adwords, Kanoodle, LookSmart and many more are up for grabs. Good PPC advertising can get you a higher rank on search engines too. The fundamental theorem of a PPC campaign is to choose the right keywords and putting right amount of money behind them. Price ranges from five cents to few dollars to bid for ranking high on your keywords and you pay once someone visits your page.
  • SEO and Analytics : Search engines potentially direct most of online traffic, and your ranking there makes a lot of difference. I understand that this is a bit complex for everyone to execute, but there are a few low lying fruits here. Submit your site to the spiders who are consistently crawling the web and searching for new content. Addurl and directory services are offered by all search engines and submitting your site in these open directories isnt all that complicated. Coming to the complicated part, each page on your site should be optimized for search engines to rank you higher and you need to constantly analyse the traffic and modify strategy accordingly.
  • Provide irresistible knowledge : Do not hesitate in giving away knowledge thinking that you will lose your customers. Someone who is online can search for the knowledge, even if you dont give it away. Encourage your audience to take informed decisions, rather than a flat usual sales pitch. Adding such value to your official site encourages overall awareness of your customer base and reflects your domain expertize. We often underestimate the power of giveaways like free content and related information, the companies who have identified its true scope are even offering free consultancy over chat, email and phone.
  • Share the audience : A good website is the one lending and borrowing a lot of audience from other sites. This is entirely ethical and you can rather gain trust with even your competitors. Provide links but not pure advertisements about a trusted identity, this instill further confidence but the key is not to get selfish. The sites sharing audience are liked by other websites and inturn opens the linkback revenue stream for you apart from just attracting traffic. There are websites attracting immense traffic just by linking audience to the information they need, biggest example is search engines.
While I understand that above 5 tips are simpler said than done, patience and perseverance are the key. Remember website visits is directly proportional if not equal to your customer base.