5 ways to increase presence over Social Media

If not the biggest platform yet, the social media has unarguably become one of the fastest growing platform for Brand Imaging. Market Researchers are predicting that by 2015 end, 43% of Fortune 500 brands will be investingmore than half of their operating income on directly or indirectly boosting the social presence. Quite possibly, this percentage is going to go higher in subsequent years.
Although social media is a large animal, it can be tamed to work for your benefit. Few of Do-It-Youself tips are :
  • Encourage participation and engagement : While I am not getting into explaining the dictionary meaning of the word social, it would not be a bad idea to actually look it up. Until the presence is social, the purpose cant be achieved. More and more engagements, not always targeted towards ROI are few of the most successful ways of provoking the participation. Interactivity is the key to success in this platform, and not just one sided downloads.
  • Byfar most effective strategy is adding Fun :  “Our industry is boring and not meant for fun online” is just an excuse. If you have ever consulted a PR agency, then fortunately, I am not the first one to tell you so. Running a company is definitely a serious business, but is it imperative to do the same over all the channels? The answer is NO. Everyone likes to have a bit of fun, and the easiest way to register your product in audience’s mind is to creatively put it across in a funny way.
  • Audience is HomoSapiens, so should You be : In almost all management books, brands are mentioned to have similar life-cycles as us human beings. The appeal is directly proportional to the similarities your display as HomoSapiens. People follow their interests and not a company, unless the company comes across as aligned to their interest. Its imperative to understand the people’s motive behind following you socially. Personal touches eventually offer authenticity and helps connect better with the prospective consumers.
  • Extend support for people to look up to you : Demonstrating social responsibility is an effective way of engaging audience, and showing that you care about what they care. Using your social channel to extend such support unselfishly, in the due course offers almost unmeasurable returns. People look up at someone doing unselfish charity and not just about encouraging sales. This is an emotional binding that doesnt always requires a lot of monetary investments.
  • To get what you havent got, do what you havent done : Lets accept it, none of us like to go out of our comfort zones. But again, lack of innovation has been the single biggest reason for decline of many huge brand names. Explore new ideas, encourage creativity and get into the avenues that not many people will associate you with. Each day new advance methodologies like facebook insights, google analytics, twitter trends to third party social media monitoring applications are joining the arena. Try your luck and dont be afraid to play around a bit on social media to your advantage.

    To conclude, I understand that let alone mastering, it is almost impossible (currently) for even a medium to large corporate, to execute all the network analysis strategies successfully, but its not hard to get started. Try it.

    Happy Social Networking !!