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Digital India Club agreement covers entity creation and digital branding for a limited period.
*Most gearBoB branding contracts are under strict Non Disclosure Statement.

5 ways to increase presence over Social Media

If not the biggest platform yet, the social media has unarguably become one of the fastest growing platform for Brand Imaging. Market Researchers are predicting that by 2015 end, 43% of Fortune 500 brands will be investingmore than half of their operating income on directly or indirectly boosting the social presence. Quite possibly, this percentage is going to go higher in subsequent years.
Although social media is a large animal, it can be tamed to work for your benefit. Few of Do-It-Youself tips are :
  • Encourage participation and engagement : While I am not getting into explaining the dictionary meaning of the word social, it would not be a bad idea to actually look it up. Until the presence is social, the purpose cant be achieved. More and more engagements, not always targeted towards ROI are few of the most successful ways of provoking the participation. Interactivity is the key to success in this platform, and not just one sided downloads.
  • Byfar most effective strategy is adding Fun :  “Our industry is boring and not meant for fun online” is just an excuse. If you have ever consulted a PR agency, then fortunately, I am not the first one to tell you so. Running a company is definitely a serious business, but is it imperative to do the same over all the channels? The answer is NO. Everyone likes to have a bit of fun, and the easiest way to register your product in audience’s mind is to creatively put it across in a funny way.
  • Audience is HomoSapiens, so should You be : In almost all management books, brands are mentioned to have similar life-cycles as us human beings. The appeal is directly proportional to the similarities your display as HomoSapiens. People follow their interests and not a company, unless the company comes across as aligned to their interest. Its imperative to understand the people’s motive behind following you socially. Personal touches eventually offer authenticity and helps connect better with the prospective consumers.
  • Extend support for people to look up to you : Demonstrating social responsibility is an effective way of engaging audience, and showing that you care about what they care. Using your social channel to extend such support unselfishly, in the due course offers almost unmeasurable returns. People look up at someone doing unselfish charity and not just about encouraging sales. This is an emotional binding that doesnt always requires a lot of monetary investments.
  • To get what you havent got, do what you havent done : Lets accept it, none of us like to go out of our comfort zones. But again, lack of innovation has been the single biggest reason for decline of many huge brand names. Explore new ideas, encourage creativity and get into the avenues that not many people will associate you with. Each day new advance methodologies like facebook insights, google analytics, twitter trends to third party social media monitoring applications are joining the arena. Try your luck and dont be afraid to play around a bit on social media to your advantage.

    To conclude, I understand that let alone mastering, it is almost impossible (currently) for even a medium to large corporate, to execute all the network analysis strategies successfully, but its not hard to get started. Try it.

    Happy Social Networking !!

5 tips to increase footfall of your website

Not to disappoint anyone but, just being present over the internet by buying a domain and publishing a website is just as good as having a presentable reception inside your workplace, or maybe less. In todays connected marketplace, almost all those who thought otherwise have either changed their minds or are still restricting their growth. The potential of internet is immensely immense due to one single big factor, its reach.
Most innovative companies are working towards increasing footfall of their official websites apart from increasing presence over social media. While social media is indispensable when it comes to engaging with target audience, the ultimate aim is to attract traffic towards the official website, where eventually the real transactions begin to happen.
  • Websites are usually strictly business : Contrary to social media, the official websites are all about company’s core business and expertize. Case studies, whitepapers and other original content should all speak about your expertize that you know your domain. The content should come across as company’s mission of fulfilling customer needs and not just generating revenue. It’s recommended, if not mandatory, to hire a consultant for content writing and proof reading than presenting a petty image of your brand.
  • Attracting audience using PPC advertising : Pay-per Click advertising is the fastest way to buy web traffic. Tools like MIVA, Yahoo search marketing, Google Adwords, Kanoodle, LookSmart and many more are up for grabs. Good PPC advertising can get you a higher rank on search engines too. The fundamental theorem of a PPC campaign is to choose the right keywords and putting right amount of money behind them. Price ranges from five cents to few dollars to bid for ranking high on your keywords and you pay once someone visits your page.
  • SEO and Analytics : Search engines potentially direct most of online traffic, and your ranking there makes a lot of difference. I understand that this is a bit complex for everyone to execute, but there are a few low lying fruits here. Submit your site to the spiders who are consistently crawling the web and searching for new content. Addurl and directory services are offered by all search engines and submitting your site in these open directories isnt all that complicated. Coming to the complicated part, each page on your site should be optimized for search engines to rank you higher and you need to constantly analyse the traffic and modify strategy accordingly.
  • Provide irresistible knowledge : Do not hesitate in giving away knowledge thinking that you will lose your customers. Someone who is online can search for the knowledge, even if you dont give it away. Encourage your audience to take informed decisions, rather than a flat usual sales pitch. Adding such value to your official site encourages overall awareness of your customer base and reflects your domain expertize. We often underestimate the power of giveaways like free content and related information, the companies who have identified its true scope are even offering free consultancy over chat, email and phone.
  • Share the audience : A good website is the one lending and borrowing a lot of audience from other sites. This is entirely ethical and you can rather gain trust with even your competitors. Provide links but not pure advertisements about a trusted identity, this instill further confidence but the key is not to get selfish. The sites sharing audience are liked by other websites and inturn opens the linkback revenue stream for you apart from just attracting traffic. There are websites attracting immense traffic just by linking audience to the information they need, biggest example is search engines.
While I understand that above 5 tips are simpler said than done, patience and perseverance are the key. Remember website visits is directly proportional if not equal to your customer base.

5 new faces of Public Relations

Modern day PR, if not entirely different, has evolved enormously from conventional engagements. In today’s global marketplace, PR services are sought by prominent individuals, large corporates to even start-ups. It requires new strategies for an Agency or professional to instill confidence into investors and showcase being ahead of the league. Textbooks and courseware may not tell you about these new basics of modern day PR.

New Public Relations are not just about advertizing and promoting the client, this has turned into entirely differentBrand correction and Image makeover opportunity. Almost each successful individual or a corporate entity today, invariably has direct and indirect PR happening for them, either by using skilled internal workforce or by availing services of consultants. Fierce competition due to entry of global players and technologies has caused a significant drop in prices, and has started attracting even the budding entrepreneur, widening the customer base.
Here are the five approaches I am observing apart from conventional methods of Public Relations :
  • Use of technology : The Agencies and PR Specialists are upskilling themselves for the changing needs. The advent of new platforms like mobility, social networks and advanced IT-enabled research, analytics and implementation tools have further increased the gap. The access to free credible information has made buyer take informed decisions. Television, Radio and print media are no longer the only means as digital marketing is taking over.
  • Creativity : Creativity, as per me, has become the closest one word definition of this industry. With so many media platforms trying to attract consumer focus, the creativity in the campaign, event or overall strategy has to stand-out loud. PR specialists are seen drawing motivation from innovative ideas through engaging people even outside their employee base to come up with creativity. Larger PR firms are structuring innovative workforce attractive more and more creative talent to beat the trends.
  • Partnering and not Promoting : Biggest challenge faced in PR today is that, no company or individual would like to be seen as non-innovative because they are rendering services from a PR Agency. The world has realized that the image promoted can be far from real, and can be an expertize of PR Agency working with the brand or the celebrity. Such dishonest tactics have been executed by a few PR Agencies for their own benefit. Which brings to the need of ethics in this business, MYSTIC partnerships are the only way forward in such challenging landscape.
  • Non-affirmative strategies : Trying to downplay the competition or generating MYSTIC buzz is not new strategies, but are being used a lot more often by expert PR professionals. I am sure you can easily quote a few instances of individuals (like celebrities, politicians and sportsmen) taking on other celebrities and companies trying to downplay each other’s product or campaign, head on. Even concepts like Buzz marketing are back in business, where the PR Specialist generate fake grass-root movement giving an appearance of trusted organisations, while solely working for their clients.
  • Networking : In short, PR Specialist is nothing without the a strong internal and external network. External network often plays a bigger role which ranges from one-time actors to competing PR firms. A campaign should inspire the competition to engage and contribute rather than out-rightly challenge them. Networks are being established by complementing each other through sharing expertize, needless to say, ethics and morality are the crucial drivers to successfully create a robust network.
Edward Louis Bernays is said to have defined PR in 1913 as propaganda. This has been sounding disturbing to professionals like me, and I think the above changes in PR are for good. In short the industry has become more intense but not just a propaganda.

Why and When to OUTSOURCE your PR and Advertising?

The ground rule of Outsourcing is “Dont do it if you have the potential to manage inhouse” although in the same breath we should tell “sometimes we see business streching too far from their core domain and not being able to do it right”

Behind every successful Brand or individual there is PR. Now it may be done by an Agency or the individual himself in his own unique way. Modern day branding is not just publishing ads in media or roadside hoardings which have limited reach. The key is to learn and imbibe new techniques with changing times.
Needless to say that, chosing the right agency to mange your brand is vital. Public relations has evolved into an innovative marketplace, where talent and creativity is the key differentiator. Most important aspect to look at before outsourcing is to analyse the branding of the agency themselves. Most of the agencies are surviving on client’s budget, but advertising themselves over client’s paid outreach. This in turn, negates your brand appeal and you end up paying the PR agency to broadcast themselves on your revenues.
Outsourcing public and media related operations is like handing over your brand in someone else’s hands. The entire image is at stake and each campaign be it on any media domain can make or break your value.
Another important thing to be considered is when is the right time to outsource? Quite franklu, there is no hard and fast rule here. The organisations should analyse the need of the hour, and should exhaust internal workforce and their capabilities before looking at outsourcing the branding. The time to outsource to an expert, is right when the big targets are to be met in shorter time duration. Corporate communictions heads and Brand managers often resolve to outsourcing the branding exercise, while approaching a launch of new service or product offering.
Make informed decisions : Team gearBoB

gearBoB INstead Certification

The evolution of network analysis softwares are making global and still targeted branding affordable and allow reaching trillions of screens in minutes. Its only a myth that such advance techniques and softwares are only for the blue-chip companies and bigger brandnames. Well, the truth is that those companies are who they are as they are constantly endorsing the “Modern Day PR”.
Public Relations is not just advertising, catch phrases or putting billboards & hoardings. Its not about forcing an eskimo to buy the refrigerator. Advance PR services offer wider reach through en­dorsements, validations and appearance at trusted spaces. We come across minimum 100 to thousands of advertisements everyday, depending on what we do. This makes it even more challenging to stand out and create the Brand Recall. Advertising and PR have common purpose but almost opposite techniques. If Advertising is like carpet bombing, PR is forcing into the very hub and making an impact that changes everything.
Today and going forward, the Public Relations is :
– Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of the organization.
– Counseling management at all levels in the organization with regard to policy decisions, courses of action and communication, taking into account their public ramifications and the organization’s social or citizenship responsibilities.
– Researching, conducting and evaluating, on a continuing basis, programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of an organization’s aims. These may include marketing; financial; fund raising; employee, community or government relations; and other programs.
– Planning and implementing the organization’s efforts to influence or change public policy. Setting objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training staff, developing facilities — in short, managing the resources needed to perform all of the above.
The above is brief description of what PR Agencies or an excellent Corporate Communications departments do. This is achieved through various way like Writing and distributing press releases, corporate speech writing, writing pitches (less formal than press releases) about a firm and send them directly to journalists, creating and executing special events designed for public outreach and media relations, conduct market research on the firm or the firm’s messaging, expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events.
Adding to the above services, Copy writing and blogging for the web, Social media promotions and responding to crisis & negative opinions online is increasingly becomes the focus of Brand management.
To conclude, due to the flux of millions of adverts we come across everyday, advertising is losing its impact and sooner the better – Brands need to switch to PR to generate the IMAGE they want.
Quit advertising, Start PR !!
Source : www.gearbob.com/instead