Why and When to OUTSOURCE your PR and Advertising?

The ground rule of Outsourcing is “Dont do it if you have the potential to manage inhouse” although in the same breath we should tell “sometimes we see business streching too far from their core domain and not being able to do it right”

Behind every successful Brand or individual there is PR. Now it may be done by an Agency or the individual himself in his own unique way. Modern day branding is not just publishing ads in media or roadside hoardings which have limited reach. The key is to learn and imbibe new techniques with changing times.
Needless to say that, chosing the right agency to mange your brand is vital. Public relations has evolved into an innovative marketplace, where talent and creativity is the key differentiator. Most important aspect to look at before outsourcing is to analyse the branding of the agency themselves. Most of the agencies are surviving on client’s budget, but advertising themselves over client’s paid outreach. This in turn, negates your brand appeal and you end up paying the PR agency to broadcast themselves on your revenues.
Outsourcing public and media related operations is like handing over your brand in someone else’s hands. The entire image is at stake and each campaign be it on any media domain can make or break your value.
Another important thing to be considered is when is the right time to outsource? Quite franklu, there is no hard and fast rule here. The organisations should analyse the need of the hour, and should exhaust internal workforce and their capabilities before looking at outsourcing the branding. The time to outsource to an expert, is right when the big targets are to be met in shorter time duration. Corporate communictions heads and Brand managers often resolve to outsourcing the branding exercise, while approaching a launch of new service or product offering.
Make informed decisions : Team gearBoB